With an iconic design considered among the most beautiful ever struck, the Gold American Eagle Coin is the top-selling gold bullion coin in the United States. Designated official legal tender, the 1/4 oz. Gold American Eagle is backed by the U.S government for its gold content, weight and purity—making it a must-have addition to any gold owner’s portfolio.

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Buy 1/4 oz. Gold American Eagles

Made of 22-karat gold. Authorized as legal tender by the U.S. Congress. Backed by the U.S. government for its content, weight, and purity. The 1/4 oz. Gold American Eagle Coin (also called a $10 Gold Eagle Coin) packs many positive attributes into its one-quarter ounce of gold. The 1/4 oz. Gold Eagle is also a coin of striking beauty and historical importance, one that can serve its holder well when utilized as part of a portfolio diversification strategy. For these reasons and more, 1/4 oz. Gold American Eagles make outstanding gifts. Each one is a physically stunning monument to freedom that can serve as an accessible form of wealth and an introduction to the captivating world of precious metals.

Why Buy 1/4 oz. Gold Eagles?

Many qualities make the 1/4 oz. Gold American Eagle Coin an attractive buy. The designs featured on either side, coupled with the craftsmanship and precision exhibited in its minting, make this 1/4 oz. gold coin a worthy work of art. That’s to say nothing of its remarkable gold purity, or the role it can play in a precious metals portfolio or retirement strategy. Today’s ever-changing global economy, dependent on so many countries and leaders, almost requires a countermeasure to potential economic volatility. The 1/4 oz. Gold American Eagle Coin can be that countermeasure for you. It is a tangible form of wealth capable of serving as a readily available domestic source of short-term personal finance protection.