1 oz. Austrian Gold Philharmonic

as low as $2,069.25

The Austrian Gold Philharmonic stands apart as one of the most popular gold bullion coins in the world today. Produced by the Austrian Mint to celebrate its country’s rich cultural history, each coin is struck from one ounce of 99.99% pure gold and carries the unique distinction of having the largest diameter in the world for its size and purity.

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Buy Austrian Gold Philharmonic Coins

The Austrian Gold Philharmonic Coin is as much a feast for the eyes as its namesake orchestra is music to the ears. That’s been the case since 1989 when the Austrian Mint first introduced this 99.99% pure gold coin. It was an instant hit and remains one of the most popular and highly regarded gold coins in the world.

In fact, the Philharmonic coin was the world’s top selling gold bullion coin in 1992, 1995, and 1996, notes to the World Gold Council. Its 37 mm diameter further distinguishes this 24-karat, IRA-approved coin. That makes it the largest diameter in the world for its size and gold purity.

Why Buy Gold Philharmonic Coins?

Thanks to both its weight in gold and current market price, the Austrian Gold Philharmonic Coin can be traded easily. It’s globally recognized as tangible wealth and beauty that you can hold in your hands, today and years into the future. As such, the Austrian Gold Philharmonic Coin provides remarkable financial liquidity and mobility. It is a gold coin rich with character and history.

Also known as a Gold Vienna Philharmonic Coin or simply a Gold Vienna Philharmonic, this Austrian gold coin proudly declares its home country’s deep connection to exceptional music performances. What’s more, it’s the only European gold coin to present its face value in euros and has topped the best-selling coin list multiple times in its history.

For centuries, gold coins—like the Austrian Gold Philharmonic Coin—have provided precious metals owners a firm foundation they can build upon. It’s a benefit that cannot be overstated when the stability of global financial markets today is prone to any number of unpredictable influences. If you want greater peace of mind when it comes to your precious metals portfolio, then you want to consider buying Austrian Gold Philharmonic Coins. Their rich heritage, timeless beauty, technical perfection, and spectacular gold purity make Vienna Philharmonic Coins an ideal method of portfolio diversification.