The 1 oz. Mint State Silver American Eagle Coin bears one of the most popular designs the U.S. Mint has ever produced since its initial release in 1986, combining our American currency’s storied past with modern minting technology. Each coin is certified museum-quality MS-70 or near-perfect MS-69 by PCGS.

  • Struck from .999 silver
  • Graded a perfect MS-70 or near-perfect MS-69 by PCGS
  • Sonically sealed in a PCGS-certified coin case
  • Authorized U.S. legal tender
  • Guaranteed by U.S. Government for its weight, content & purity


Buy Mint State Silver American Eagle Coins

1-oz. mint-state silver-American eagle-coin , It’s important to highlight the Professional Coin Grading Service’s (PGCS) role in identifying the condition of the remarkable 1 oz. Mint State Silver American Eagle Coin. such as

PCGS is an industry-leading, third-party grading service whose certifications set the standard for perfection in the precious metals industry. A coin’s condition is grad on a scale of 1 through 70, with Mint State being award to only the highest quality coins. such as

Classifying a coin as MS-70 means declaring it a museum-quality piece, the perfect product of a precise minting process. That means no scratches, no smudges, no imperfections. MS-70 Silver Eagle Coins are fully struck and lustrous, free of visible marks under 5x magnification. MS-69 Silver Eagle Coins are also in superb condition. They are virtually fully struck and may have only minuscule imperfections when closely inspected. 1-oz. mint-state silver-American eagle-coin

This is your opportunity to buy PCGS-certified Mint State Silver American Eagle Coins graded MS-69 and MS-70. such as

Why Buy 1 oz. Mint State Silver American Eagles?

The 1 oz. Mint State Silver American Eagle Coin is legal tender and fully authorized by the U.S. Congress. The U.S. government also guarantees these silver coins for their silver content, weight, and purity. such as

But the distinctions don’t stop there. 1 oz. Mint State Silver American Eagle Coins are of 1 ounce of 99.9% pure silver. Each silver coin represents tangible wealth and symbolizes every American’s opportunity to seek financial prosperity and security. such as

Clearly, the 1 oz. Mint State Silver American Eagle Coin is special. And that specialness deserves protection. Each coin is seal in a tamper-proof slab to preserve its stunning condition. The case is clear and accompanied by a unique serial number for authentication. such as

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