1 oz. Silver American Eagle Coin


as low as $31.42

The Silver American Eagle is the world’s leading silver bullion coin that is authorized U.S. legal tender and fully backed by the U.S. government for its silver content, weight, and purity. Consisting of 1-ounce of 99.9% pure silver, this staple of wealth protection is an ideal choice for those looking to add an affordable precious metal to their portfolio.

Volume Discounts
Quantity Credit Card Bank Wire
1+ $32.43 $31.49
20+ $32.38 $31.44
100+ $32.37 $31.43
500+ $32.36 $31.42


How Much Do Silver Eagle Coins Cost?

Silver Eagle prices vary, just like the price of silver. One-ounce Silver American Eagle Coins are imprinted with their silver content — that’s the “1 oz.” part — and legal tender “face” value. Coin prices may vary based on the current market price of silver, along with certain local, national, and global economic conditions. Silver supply and demand can also factor into pricing. Call now for in-the-moment Silver Eagle prices.

Where Can I Buy 1 oz. Silver American Eagle Coins?

Buy 1 oz. Silver American Eagle Coins online or over the phone, courtesy of U.S. Money Reserve. Silver Eagles are potentially a great addition to anyone’s precious metals strategy, whether you’re a market veteran or just getting started. Recognized worldwide, these physical silver coins are easy to buy, simple to sell and provide a convenient method for stockpiling pure silver. Proudly demonstrate your market knowledge and patriotism by contacting us today about 1 oz. Silver American Eagle Coins!