The peaks of Denali are brought to life in spectacular topographic detail with this beautiful first issue of the “7 Summits” series. Featuring a limited mintage of only 777 coins, this limited edition proof coin is struck from 5 oz. of .999 fine silver!


Buy the 2016 5-OZ. SILVER DENALI-MS-70 (PCGS First Strike)

2016 5-OZ. silver denali-ms-70 With several distinctive qualities captured in this 5 oz. silver coin, it will take you a moment to register the 2016 5 oz. Silver Denali MS-70 (PCGS First Strike) coin in all its glory.

The first element to capture your attention is the coin’s impressive silver content: .999 fine silver. As far as natural beauty is concerned, silver is a precious metal that has been revered for centuries. If you’ve never held silver or had the opportunity to look at it closely, the 2016 5 oz. Silver Denali MS-70 coin will have you falling head over heels with delight!

Struck from 5 oz. of fine silver, this coin has a unique and very low mintage of only 777 coins. Coins with low mintages are uniquely positioned to be in high demand, simply because there are so few of them! If you’ve ever collected baseball cards, stamps, or antiques, you’ve experienced this firsthand.

Adding to the Silver Denali’s natural beauty is the way it captures a “bird’s eye view” perspective of Alaska’s mighty Denali. Previously known as Mount McKinley, Denali is a natural wonder. It’s the highest mountain in all of North America: from the northern tip of Canada, through the United States, and to the southernmost point of Mexico. It’s also the third highest peak in the world.

Why Buy  5-OZ. SILVER DENALI-MS-70’s ?

As if there aren’t enough attributes of the 2016 5 oz. Silver Denali MS-70 to dazzle your senses, this particular silver coin represents near physical perfection. The Professional Coin Grading Service (PCGS) guarantees each coin to be MS-70 grade. Certified museum-quality MS-70 coins bear no noticeable imperfections. 2016 5-OZ. silver denali-ms-70

This is partly due to the coin’s status as a “First Strike” coin. A First Strike coin from PCGS designates coins issued in the first 30 days of the mint’s release for that year. The First Strike distinction means it is from among the coin’s earliest production runs.

“This designation not only adds value to modern coins,” writes PCGS, “but takes modern coin collecting to another level with multiple Mint releases each year.”

Combined with the MS-70 grade, the First Strike label ensures the 2016 5 oz. Silver Denali coin merits serious consideration from precious metals enthusiasts around the world.