2017 China 50 Yuan Gold Panda MS-69 (PCGS First Strike)


Add some personality to your gold holdings with the 2017 Chinese Gold Panda. The Chinese Gold Panda series has quickly become a favorite among gold owners for its beloved depiction and pure gold content. Each coin contains 3 grams (0.09645 troy oz) of .999 pure gold and is certified near-perfect PCGS MS-69 with a coveted “First Strike” label.



Buy PCGS MS-69 FS China Gold Pandas

Gold owners have “bear-ly” been able to contain themselves for Chinese Gold Panda Coins since they were initially released by The People’s Republic of China in 1982. Composed of 3 grams (0.09645 troy oz) of .999 pure gold, this authorized legal tender coin carries a denomination of 50 yuan. Their outstanding condition, coupled with the fact that these Chinese Gold Panda Coins are designated with the prestigious First Strike label from PCGS, make them compelling gold coins for any precious metals portfolio.

Why Buy the 2017 China Gold Panda MS-69?

Each Gold Panda Coin boasts qualities attractive to not only new precious metal buyers — such as 3 grams of .999 pure gold — but to serious gold enthusiasts, as well.

Each gold coin is designated with the prestigious First Strike label from Professional Coin Grading Service (PCGS) and is available in near-perfect Mint State 69 condition.

A 2017 First Strike coin from PCGS designates coins issued in the first 30 days of the mint’s release for that year. The First Strike distinction on a coin means it is from among the coin’s earliest production runs.

“This designation not only adds value to modern coins,” writes PCGS, “but takes modern coin collecting to another level with multiple Mint releases each year.”

The “MS” in MS-69 stands for “Mint State.” This is a coveted condition only awarded to coins that are in impeccable condition. In the coin world, “MS-69” identifies coins in absolutely amazing condition. They are virtually fully struck and may have only minuscule imperfections when closely inspected. MS-69 coins are U.S. Money Reserve’s specialty!