The 100 oz. Silver Bar is revered for its quality excellence, a hallmark of its production from only the world’s most trusted government and private mints. These silver bars are struck from .999 pure silver and offer a convenient form of large-scale silver ownership.

Volume Discounts
Quantity Credit Card Bank Wire
1+ $2,576.23 $2,501.19
9+ $2,536.92 $2,463.03
999+ $2,528.63 $2,454.98


Buy Silver Bars Online

The 100 oz. silver bar is a marvel to behold—as beautiful as it is pure. It is simultaneously a compelling asset you can hold in your hands, a convenient form of large-scale silver ownership, and one of the world’s most captivating precious metals. Struck from .999 pure silver, each silver bar is one of the purest representations of this highly-desired metal. What’s more, each 100 oz. silver bar stands as a remarkable achievement in quality. Its production from the world’s most trusted government and private mints stands as a testament to unparalleled craftsmanship. Buy 100 oz silver bar

Why Buy 100 oz. Silver Bars?

Bars are generally ideal for high-volume silver diversification. Bars are rectangular slabs of .999 pure silver, typically produced by private mints, and easy to stack and store. Due to their size, bars offer novice silver buyers a unique way to build their precious metals portfolio—fast. When time is of the essence, buying silver bars is one of the quickest ways to maximize the volume of your precious metals portfolio.

U.S. Money Reserve is proud to offer its clients the advantage of purchasing silver in conveniently higher volumes. Each silver bar contains 100 ounces of fine silver and provides a cost-efficient storage solution for larger silver purchases and diversification needs. The silver bars we offer come from some of the world’s top minting facilities, such as Asahi and Royal Canadian Mint. Because we only select the most prestigious 100 oz. silver bars available, brand names are subject to availability at the time of each order.