Silver Eagle Monster Box (500 Coins)


The Silver Eagle Monster Box featuring 500 Silver American Eagle Coins is a preferred method for those wanting to hold a considerable silver position in their portfolio. Consisting of 1-ounce of 99.9% pure silver, the Silver American Eagle is the world’s only silver bullion coin that is authorized U.S. legal tender and fully backed by the U.S. government for its silver content, weight and purity.



Buy the Silver Eagle Monster Box

The Silver Eagle Monster Box—available now from U.S. Money Reserve—offers a remarkable experience for those looking to hold a significant silver position in their precious metals portfolio.

Containing 500 1 oz. Silver American Eagle Coins from the U.S. Mint, this silver Monster Box lives up to its name. The sheer size of it makes it an impressive thing to behold. Even its weight is extra-large! How much does a Monster Box of silver weigh? Just over 40 pounds. Securing large quantities of the best-selling silver coin in the world—the Silver Eagle—has never been easier!

Composed of 1 oz. of 99.9% pure silver, the Silver American Eagle is the world’s only 1 oz. silver bullion coin authorized as U.S. legal tender. That means the U.S. government backs every single one of the coins in the Silver Eagle box for silver content, weight, and purity. The Silver American Eagle also carries a $1 denomination, making it an official U.S. legal tender coin.

Why Buy a Silver Monster Box?

Silver has similar market fundamentals to gold. That’s why it’s important to consider including silver coins, such as those in the Silver Eagle Monster Box, as part of your diversification strategy. The Silver American Eagle is a practical and affordable choice for anyone wishing to move into precious metals. Recognized worldwide, these physical silver coins are easy to buy, simple to sell, and provide a convenient method for stockpiling pure silver.

A Silver Eagle Monster Box can multiply these benefits. For buyers, it offers increased financial diversification at a time when international markets often send mixed and worrying signals about the world economy. A Silver Eagle Monster Box simplifies matters, and the packaging ensures each coin is well protected. Monster Boxes are one of the most economical and affordable ways to buy Silver Eagle Coins in bulk.